Carol entered Peking University Law School in 2006 with the second place in the Shandong provincial university entrance examination and acquired her bachelor degree in law and a master degree in intellectual property law from Peking University. Carol also attended exchange programs for intellectual property law at Stanford Law School in 2011.

Carol Cai began to practice in 2012 and primarily focused on litigation, arbitration and other dispute resolution matters. She has significant experences in patent and trade secret litigation, product liablity disputes and commercial arbitration. Many of these cases involve complex technical issues, including anti- cancer targeted drugs, seed coating agents, automotive active safety systems, lithium sub-batteries, and large transformers for substations. Some notable clients include IBM, Siemens, Chrysler, Bayer, Zhenai IT Co., Ltd and Hunan Broadcasting.

Before joining Saelink Law, Carol formerly worked at Jun He Law Offices and Fen Xun Law Firm.