Feifei Feng is an experienced litigator with a focus on commercial disputes and intellectual property matters in China. Her areas of practice include trade secret, patent, antitrust and unfair competition, copyright, trademark, data privacy and protection, and complex commercial disputes. She also is experienced in commercial IP matters and technology transactions.

Feifei has acted for some of world's leading companies including Micron Technology Inc., Broadcom Inc., Milliken & Company, Synopsys, Lumileds, Cree Inc., NXP, Citrix System, Moody’s Corporation, BioMérieux, Alibaba, Byte Dance, ZTE, Millet, Hikvision, etc. She has represented clients across a range of sectors, including semiconductors, telecommunications, software and system, textiles, pharmaceuticals, chemical compounds and production methods, LCD glass substrate, medical equipment, coal chemicals, etc.

Before joining Saelink Law, Feifei has worked at Jones Day Hong Kong (IP team), Jun He Beijing and Zhong Lun Beijing (DR team) for more than a decade.

Recent Representations


Represented Milliken & Company in series of patent infringement and unfair competition cases in Guangzhou, Changzhou, Suzhou and Beijing (involving clarifying agents and production methods, one of them reversed effective decisions of second instance through SPC retrial procedure)

Represented a global leading memory manufacturer in four patent infringement disputes against Taiwanese and Chinese companies before Fuzhou Intermediate People’s Court (involving semiconductor devices and structures)

Represented a global leading semiconductor and infrastructure software supplier, and a global leading mobile phone supplier in two patent ownership disputes, two patent infringement disputes, a series of patent invalidation and other patent administrative litigations (involving MEMS devices and processes)

Represented Micron Semiconductor Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd in several patent invalidation actions in Beijing (involving memory device and process)

Represented Lumileds LLC and Lumileds (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd in a series of patent infringement, invalidation cases, malicious litigations, etc (involving vehicle headlight and LED chips)

Represented Cree Inc. and Cree Huizhou in a patent infringement litigation (involving LED chips and its manufacture methods)

Represented NXP in series of patent infringement litigations (involving telecommunication methods).

Represented Intematix Corporation in patent invalidation and infringement proceedings in China (involving nitride phosphor and production process)

Anti-trust, SEP and Trade Secret

Represented FocalTech System Co., Ltd in a trade secret infringement retrial case in China (suspended effective judgment and directed Guangdong High Court to retrial through SPC retiral procedure)

Advised a leading semiconductor chip manufacturer in anti-trust disputes and investigations

Represented Byte Dance and Tik Tok in a series of antitrust litigations (involving abuse of dominant position)

Assisted a Chinese leading mobile phone manufacture in SEP patent infringement and license fee rate disputes

Assisted Corning Incorporated in criminal and civil cases related to trade secret infringement involving damage claims of over RMB 800million and disputes in four different jurisdictions

Assisted General Electric Company and General Electric (China) Co., Ltd in disputes over trade secret and copyright issues in China

Copyright, Trademark,Data and Others

Represented Synopsys Inc. in five computer software infringement litigations in Supreme Court (listed as one of the typical cases issued by SPC IP Court for year 2021)

Represented Gregory Mountain Products/Samsonite IP Holding S.A.R.L in more than 20 trademark disputes involving oppositions, administrative appeals and retrials (reversed effective decisions through SPC retrial procedure)

Represented Byte Dance in series of litigations concerning privacy and personal data protection, copyright infringement and unfair competition disputes

Represented Alibaba, Taobao and Tmall in series of data infringement, unfair competition and reputation infringement litigations before Beijing IP Court and Beijing Internet Court

Represented Citrix System in software copyright contract disputes in Shanghai court

Represented Moody’s Corporation in series of domain name disputes and trademark litigations before HKIAC, Beijing courts and Hangzhou Internet Court

Represented Hikvision in several trademark invalidation litigations